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At Evexia Osteopathy, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality care to help you get back to your normal activities as quickly as possible. Reach out today to learn more about what we can do to help you.



Osteopathy was founded in 1874 by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still. His idea was that the human body was much like a machine, one that would function well if all its parts were in proper mechanical relationship. The principles of osteopathy is such that the body is one functioning unit, that with the proper care it is able to self-heal, and that when the body's structure is balanced, other bodily systems are able to properly function, and vice versa.

At Evexia Osteopathy, we offer the highest standard of patient care in attempt to reflect our osteopathic values. Our mission is to help you regain function and improve your overall quality of life.

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Once I arrived at my appointment, Jaime was reassuring and comforting while maintaining an unmistakable air of professionalism and poise. She fully explained to me the function sand purposes of manual osteopathy, while also asking questions about what types of issues I've had in the past and my pain levels. The process that followed I can only describe as comfortable, relaxing and refreshing in a way which I had never experienced. Once Jaime was finished I felt an immediate sense of looseness and relief - exactly what I had been looking for.

Maggie, Gander NL

Swedish Massage


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